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The Moore building
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Posted by pete on March 16, 2018 at 04:44 PM
A new building is being developed in
midtown Nashville on the site
of Scotty Moore's Music city recorders.

Roger Hamlett, a long term friend of
Scotty's spoke to the developers and architects about
Scotty's life and legacy. They have agreed that Scotty
needs to be honoured by the city. The building will
therefore be known as the ‘Moore’ building.

The Moore building is due for
completion in two years’ time and I'm assured it will surpass all other office buildings in Nashville.

I’m very pleased and proud of my dear friend. R.I.P Scotty.

Happy new year
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Posted by pete on December 30, 2017 at 03:30 PM
So, that’s another year nearly over. 2017 has been a mixed bag really, but I’m grateful to have made it through, unlike some of my friends who I miss terribly.

I’m looking forward with optimism to 2018. Got some lovely gigs coming up in January with Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers, Eric Ranzoni and Paul Ansell’s Number 9. I’ll be with Paul and Number 9 again in April when we play Las Vegas and I’ll be joining Paul for a couple of numbers with my friend J.M Van Eaton and some other Sun Recording artists while there too. :)

But the really exciting news (for me anyway) will be the release of my new solo album which we are just putting the finishing touches to. The last one I did included 17 different musicians from both sides of the Atlantic. By contrast this time it’s just three of us. Twelve original songs with myself on Bass and vocals, James Compton on keyboards and guitars and James Johnston on drums. James Johnston was also the engineer on the sessions and it was all recorded at his wonderful Cowshed studios, 125 Myddleton Rd, London N22 8NG. (Apart from the lead vocals which were recorded at Liam Grundy’s studio).
The two James’s have been absolutely brilliant and made working on this album a real pleasure.

So, I wish you all a healthy and happy new year and hope to see you all in 2018.
Stay safe,

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Posted by pete on April 19, 2017 at 06:13 PM
'Ring Dang Do' is now on youtube. Here's the link:

Radio interview
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Posted by pete on April 13, 2017 at 07:32 PM
Pete is featured on a BBC radio programme about Chuck Berry.

here's the link:

Pete's segment is approx. contribution is approx 1.20.40

Scotty Moore
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Posted by pete on June 29, 2016 at 04:21 PM
I have been overwhelmed by the amount of messages of condolence I have received since the passing of my dear friend Scotty Moore.
Coming only six months after we lost Scotty’s companion, the wonderful & inimitable Gail Pollock, I have now lost two of the closest people in my life. I will always cherish the 25 years of friendship we had and am so grateful that I was able to visit Scotty a couple of weeks ago to say my goodbyes. I could write a thousand words and still not adequately express my love and appreciation of him. So, for now, I’ll just say thank you ScottMo for your love, encouragement, generosity, modesty ,Humour, fantastic company, immense talent on stage and in the studio, and sharing your life & home with me. The Johnny Walker red is being raised to you this day. I miss you already.
Sincere thanks to all who have contacted me. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

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